Elevated Highways

Balanced Cantilever Segmental Box Girder Construction in Indonesia: Elevated Highways for Jakarta

Every day, 236 cars and 891 motorcycles are newly registered in Jakarta. In order to relieve critical traffic congestion, a decision was made to construct several toll free elevated highways in the city. The 4.8km long Pangeran Antasari-Blok M elevated highway runs from North to South, the 3.4km long Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang section runs from West to East through Jakarta. Work on these elevated highways started in December 2010 and was completed in mid-2012.

The elevated highways were constructed using the balanced cantilever method and consist of segmental box girders that are internally post-tensioned. The many advantages of this method, such as fast and versatile construction, the avoidance of disruptions underneath the bridge and cost effectiveness have made it the preferred solution for many elevated highways, especially in Jakarta City.

DSI’s licensee PT Delta Systech Indonesia participated in the development and construction of both projects. In total, 1,172t of strand were used for the 15-0.6″ and 19-0.6″ DYWIDAG Strand Tendons that stabilize the segmental box girders and the portal beams of the elevated highways.

DYWIDAG Bars are also used for the temporary stressing and fixation of the segments during the erection work.

PT Delta Systech Indonesia cooperated with another DSI licensee, Utracon Structural System Pte Ltd, Singapore, to erect the segmental box girders. Eight sets of fully automatic lifter frames were used to erect almost 1,000 segments for the Pangeran Antasari-Blok M section.

The owner was very satisfied with the exact alignment and placement of the segmental box girders and is planning to also award a contract to both companies for the erection of the box girders in the next section.

PT DELTA SYSTECH INDONESIA is a company agent and licensee of DSI Products, Technic and services in Indonesia. The principal is DYWIDAG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GmbH, Munich, Germany (DSI). DSI is the exclusive licensee for all construction systems and techniques developed by DW.

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