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DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize Lemah Ireng II Bridge along the Trans Java Toll Road

As one of the main islands of Indonesia, Java is very important for the economic development of the country. Currently, a 1,000km long toll road is being built that will connect Jakarta’s Capital city in the west with Surabaya city in the east: The Trans Java Toll Road. The new road will improve the road network on Java Island and thus the island’s infrastructure as a whole.

The 75.7km long Semarang-Solo section in Central Java is part of this toll road. It will significantly improve the current road network in this region, which is often heavily congested, and will therefore considerably shorten travel times.

In this area, Lemah Ireng II Bridge is being built in hilly terrain. The bridge was originally going to be built with 40m long, simple precast concrete beams on 7 concrete piers. Together with the architect Wiecon, the DSI licensee PT Delta Systech Indonesia proposed changing the original design to a balanced cantilever bridge design. Thanks to the redesign, the bridge only needed two piers so that both the environmental impact and construction time could be minimized.

The nearly 300m long Lemah Ireng II Bridge with a height of 36m is one of the largest single cell hollow box girder balanced cantilever bridges in Indonesia. The bridge structure has a main span of 132m and two side spans with lengths of 83.75m each. The lateral cantilevers of the hollow box girder have widths of 25.2m.

For prestressing the hollow box girder, PT Delta Systech Indonesia supplied and installed a total of 354.4t of DYWIDAG Strand Tendons with Type 6819 MA Anchorages for longitudinal tensioning and Type 5904 MA Anchorages for transverse tensioning. In cooperation with DYWITECH Co. Ltd., Taiwan, PT Delta Systech Indonesia also supplied and operated four sets of DYWIDAG Form Travelers.

PT DELTA SYSTECH INDONESIA is a company agent and licensee of DSI Products, Technic and services in Indonesia. The principal is DYWIDAG SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL GmbH, Munich, Germany (DSI). DSI is the exclusive licensee for all construction systems and techniques developed by DW.

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