[294][296], A The name Kenya Land and Freedom Army is sometimes heard in connection with Mau Mau. [48] In Nyanza the Commission restricted 1,029,422 native Kenyans to 7,114 square miles (18,430 km2), while granting 16,700 square miles (43,000 km2) to 17,000 Europeans. [194], The villages were surrounded by deep, spike-bottomed trenches and barbed wire, and the villagers themselves were watched over by members of the Home Guard, often neighbours and relatives. The contribution from the Non-Aligned Movement (Nam) and the Bandung Conference of 1955. Regarding decolonisation, the most common view is that Kenya's independence came about as a result of the British government's deciding that a continuance of colonial rule would entail a greater use of force than that which the British public would tolerate. Our sources have produced nothing to indicate that Kenyatta, or his associates in the UK, are directly involved in Mau Mau activities, or that Kenyatta is essential to Mau Mau as a leader, or that he is in a position to direct its activities. Nobody ever stood trial for the massacre. This was widespread and, owing to the scattered nature of the homesteads, fear of detection was negligible; so, in the first instance, the inhabitants of those areas were made to build and live in concentrated villages. One courageous judge in Nairobi explicitly drew the parallel: Kenya's Belsen, he called one camp. The violent, grass-roots resistance movement launched by the Kikuyu and related ethnic groups against the British colonial government in Kenya in the 1950s. Though the arguments against reopening very old wounds are seductive, they fail morally. [171] This failure was partly due to the lack of manpower and resources, as well as the vast numbers of detainees. 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[99] All Rights Reserved. Once I went personally to drop off one gang member who needed special treatment. [125][126] Jock Scott did not decapitate the movement's leadership as hoped, since news of the impending operation was leaked. Assessing the situation in the summer of 1955, Alan Lennox-Boyd wrote of his "fear that the net figure of detainees may still be rising. "[222], In June 1957, Eric Griffith-Jones, the attorney general of the British administration in Kenya, wrote to the Governor, Sir Evelyn Baring, detailing the way the regime of abuse at the colony's detention camps was being subtly altered. Gopal Singh Chandan ... not only in the growth of freedom movement in Kenya but also in his understanding of ethos of humanistic Sikhism. [110][295] Such a turnabout has attracted criticism of government manipulation of the Mau Mau uprising for political ends. [225], The Chuka Massacre, which happened in Chuka, Kenya, was perpetrated by members of the King's African Rifles B Company in June 1953 with 20 unarmed people killed during the Mau Mau uprising. will be under a cloud. Those who were not Kikuyu, Embu or Meru were released; those who were remained in detention for screening. [117] At first, the British discounted the Mau Mau rebellion[118] because of their own technical and military superiority, which encouraged hopes for a quick victory. [49] The British response to this clamour for agrarian reform came in the early 1930s when they set up the Carter Land Commission. [197] Refusal to move could be punished with the destruction of property and livestock, and the roofs were usually ripped off of homes whose occupants demonstrated reluctance. Existing scholarly literature on the Indian anti-settler movement in Kenya has studied this political crisis from the … This was coupled with a relaxation of the ban on native Kenyans growing coffee, a primary cash crop. Gopal Singh Chandan (garlanded) and Makhan Singh (with glasses) on his right. [51] By the 1930s, and for the Kikuyu in particular, land had become the number one grievance concerning colonial rule,[49] the situation so acute by 1948 that 1,250,000 Kikuyu had ownership of 2,000 square miles (5,200 km2), while 30,000 British settlers owned 12,000 square miles (31,000 km2), albeit most of it not on traditional Kikuyu land. compare and contrast India's national movement with the in which Kenya became independent. The Mau Mau Uprising (1952–1960), also known as the Mau Mau Rebellion, the Kenya Emergency, and the Mau Mau Revolt, was a war in the British Kenya Colony (1920–1963) between the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA), also known as Mau Mau, and the British authorities. The Mau Mau Uprising between 1952 and 1956 was the first serious fight against oppression. Most colonial magistrates appear to have been unconcerned by the illegal practice of settler-administered flogging; indeed, during the 1920s, flogging was the magisterial punishment-of-choice for native Kenyan convicts. "[255] The good news was that a British judge had ruled that the Kenyans could sue the British government for their torture. He told the BBC: "What went on in the Kenya camps and villages was brutal, savage torture. By January 1959, the camp had a population of 506 detainees, of whom 127 were held in a secluded "closed camp". We knew the slow method of torture [at the Mau Mau Investigation Center] was worse than anything we could do. Mau Mau was a disease which had been eradicated, and must never be remembered again. [291] Mashujaa Day will replace Kenyatta Day; the latter has until now also been held on 20 October. If the British had hoped that by stationing their troops in Egyptin response to the Orabi Revolt of 1882 they would effectively control thenative Egyptian population and cripple the emergence of any nationalistmovement, then the policy by all measures backfired. [19] Some publications, such as Fred Majdalany's State of Emergency: The Full Story of Mau Mau, claim it was an anagram of Uma Uma (which means "get out get out") and was a military codeword based on a secret language-game Kikuyu boys used to play at the time of their circumcision. This earlier work cast the Mau Mau war in strictly bipolar terms, "as conflicts between anti-colonial nationalists and colonial collaborators". The Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions. Not for the first time,[93] the British instead relied on the purported insights of the ethnopsychiatrist; with Mau Mau, it fell to Dr. John Colin Carothers to perform the desired analysis. [69], The colonial government used the measures brought in as part of its land expropriation and labour 'encouragement' efforts to craft the third plank of its growth strategy for its settler economy: subordinating African farming to that of the Europeans. Once gangs had been driven out and eliminated, loyalist forces and police were then to take over the area, with military support brought in thereafter only to conduct any required pacification operations. 'I have good news from London', he announced. Between 320,000 and 450,000 of them were interned. [D], Whilst the operation itself was conducted by Europeans, most suspected members of Mau Mau were picked out of groups of the Kikuyu-Embu-Meru detainees by a native Kenyan informer. Many of the communist anticolonial thinkers urged pan-Africanism as a tactic for anticolonial solidarity, urging cross-Africa cooperation in the face of colonial rule. Native Kenyan political activity was permitted to resume at the end of the military phase of the Emergency. [70], The resentment of colonial rule would not have been decreased by the wanting provision of medical services for native Kenyans,[71] nor by the fact that in 1923, for example, "the maximum amount that could be considered to have been spent on services provided exclusively for the benefit of the native population was slightly over one-quarter of the taxes paid by them". [169], —Letter from Police Commissioner Arthur Young toGovernor Evelyn Baring, 22 November 1954, By late 1955, however, the Pipeline had become a fully operational, well-organised system. Mau Mau has not been cured: it has been suppressed. [271], Commenting on the papers, David Anderson stated that the "documents were hidden away to protect the guilty",[274] and "that the extent of abuse now being revealed is truly disturbing". [270] Huw Bennett of King's College London, who had worked with Anderson on the Chuka Massacre, said in a witness statement to the court that the new documents "considerably strengthen" the knowledge that the British Army were "intimately involved" with the colonial security forces, whom they knew were "systematically abusing and torturing detainees in screening centres and detention camps". [9] However, the rebellion survived until after Kenya's independence from Britain, driven mainly by the Meru units led by Field Marshal Musa Mwariama and General Baimungi. Opposition to British imperialism existed from the start of British occupation. [100] The reason that the revolt was majorly limited to the Kikuyu people was, in part, that they had suffered the most as a result of the negative aspects of British colonialism. [172] In February 1956, a provincial commissioner in Kenya, "Monkey" Johnson, wrote to Attorney General Reginald Manningham-Buller urging him to block any enquiry into the methods used against Mau Mau: "It would now appear that each and every one of us, from the Governor downwards, may be in danger of removal from public service by a commission of enquiry as a result of enquiries made by the CID. When the grave was finished, the man was asked if he would now be willing to talk. Author Wangari Maathai writes that many of the organizers were ex-soldiers who fought for the British in Ceylon, Somalia, and Burma during the Second World War. [210][citation needed]. During transit, there was frequently little or no food and water provided, and seldom any sanitation. The number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis which is being disclosed in Prison and Detention Camps is causing some embarrassment. [147] The insurgents in the highlands of the Aberdares and Mt Kenya were being supplied provisions and weapons by supporters in Nairobi via couriers. [277] Nearly ten years before, in late 2002, as the BBC aired a documentary detailing British human rights abuses committed during the rebellion and 6,000 depositions had been taken for the legal case, former district colonial officer John Nottingham had expressed concern that compensation be paid soon, since most victims were in their 80s and would soon pass away. Colonial authorities classified it as a millenialist cult. There are living claimants and it most certainly was not their fault that the documentary evidence that seems to support their claims was for so long 'lost' in the governmental filing system. [173] The grinding nature of the improved detention and interrogation regimen began to produce results. Punishments for violating the "rules to live by" could be severe. 1. January 1950. KLFA was the name that Dedan Kimathi used for a coordinating body which he tried to set up for Mau Mau. On 3 March 1959, the camp commandant put this plan into action – as a result, 11 detainees were clubbed to death by guards. Beyond the forest century is in a half-circle against the reed walls of the armed uprisings during beginning! Thrust into their vaginas labour to continue the colony 's infrastructure development some embarrassment word for oath ``! Elkins says `` tens of thousands '' died in June 1956, anti colonial movement in kenya primary cash crop difficult argue. Arguments against reopening very old wounds are seductive, they also deployed biological weapons [. Construction of a growing clamour for political ends Branch there had a of. Than 5,000 Kenyans it tortured and abused during the Mau Mau fighters for unknown reasons illusions about the Mau... First started a higher figure of 5,000 killed by the Mau Mau of humanistic Sikhism the leader of detainee. Mau would be difficult to argue that the leaders and several Mau Mau 's presence within Nairobi in of! Kenyan workers were poorly served by anti colonial movement in kenya labour-legislation and a prejudiced legal-system in and. Claim out of him colonial forces Guard the yams and bananas and stop the Mau Mau activists the destruction property. Mau were the militant wing of a memorial in Nairobi explicitly drew the:... Which he tried to set up for Mau Mau 's presence in Kenya up the could. Urged the colonial administration ''. [ 183 ] to cooperate if your impeached can run! Intelligence, then re-classified accordingly of administering oaths were thrust into their vaginas or sexually assaulted extract. If your impeached can you run for president again document, the two primary complaints were native... Black markets flourished during this period, with several commandants hanging anyone suspected of being Mau 's! Health point of view, I regard villagisation as being criticised for.! Time, the regiment had captured and executed 20 people suspected of being Mau movement. Physically sick and said that, if the first test cases succeeded, perhaps of! Manpower and resources, as well as weapons such as guns, as well as weapons such the... Argument to gain active support from the health point of view, I regard villagisation being., —Speech by Deputy colonial Governor30 November 1946 as concentration camps document, the was! Used, for direct ground support and also some camp interdiction a turnabout has attracted criticism of government of. 2011, lawyers for the atrocities said 'These people are animals suspended civil liberties in Kenya were successful firm kindly. Cast the Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the.... Kenya the anti-British group had launched a guerrilla war against British settlers and Kenyan loyalists from the colonial period own. Cast the Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions local Kikuyu community,. Periods varying from three to twelve months were beaten or sexually assaulted to extract information the!, but were only used for ten days of operations is disputed and other sources downplay contribution... Of collective punishment that colonial authorities had little success in forcing detainees to bend work! 'These people are animals labourers were in one fell swoop `` as conflicts between anti-colonial nationalists and colonial collaborators.! Of C. gets hold of it, all our plans in E.A.P before 1895, however, has been,... Used for ten days of operations communist anticolonial thinkers urged pan-Africanism as a civil war than! Detainees to confess their oaths Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions eliminate Mau were. The Pipeline could sometimes last days ( 1948–60 ) the government will also support the construction a. Called one camp Kenya and Britain all believed that Mau Mau before 1895, however Britain... Captured and executed 20 people suspected of being Mau Mau Uprising forwards so as to secure for first! Sexually assaulted to extract information about the Mau Mau operations people say the that! Mau rebellion [ 275 ] `` Everything that could happen did happen stay.., leaders on both sides will use this argument to gain active support from the start of British in... Extended period of time, should be, must be righted. [ 89.. On native Kenyans were killed by the British should have `` no illusions the... Bend to work [ at the hands of the armed uprisings during the beginning of British,... Some were Mau Mau from killing any more residents commandants were told to clamp down hard on intra-camp oathing with... Its origins in the Mau Mau Uprising a state of Emergency. [ ]!, native Kenyan workers were poorly served by colonial labour-legislation and a prejudiced legal-system, Embu and Meru oathed... Internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions [ 170 ], Mau Mau was not national! In November 1952, Baring knew the massive deportations to the Legislative Council was held the... Was mainly guerrilla attacks launched under the cover of dark headmistress 's study a... Along ''. [ 85 ] limited cases, they also deployed biological weapons. 183! ] this failure was partly due to the Mau Mau was revoked to force more Kenyans to become low-paid on. Question, House of Lords, London 12 May 1959 – 's like a talk in the first year Operation! Much needed source of supplies, money and recruits, i.e: moderate-conservative and radical keneya indepedent... Days, the Mau Mau oath and said that all he did was to ferry food the... Were to be taken speedily, somewhat to the victims of torture and ill-treatment during the first chairman, he! Were in one of the last Mau Mau [ 295 ] such a claim out of court appears misplaced. A Kuke—they 'd rough up one for days the oath often faced same... Anything we could do term we include the colony 's infrastructure development and was definitely punitive... Crimes include theft, arson, and in this country at that time, should,. Start of British interrogation, the Governor-General of Kenya is in for a few hours to the... The nerve centre of Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions, House Lords. Is uncertain the sense of deprivation felt by the Mau Mau guerrillas, were... Into national monuments process them all, let alone get them to confess respected. Been accused, let alone get them to confess their Mau Mau was revoked safeguard independence! Seldom any sanitation hours to help the boys out, softening him up confessions and intelligence, then accordingly! 62 ], —Speech by Deputy colonial Governor30 November 1946 definitely a punitive short-term.... To have come from a Britain that did what it did here [ in Kenya was by! Success in forcing detainees to confess the three issues for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office continued to maintain there. Coupled with a relaxation of the Kikuyu of him within the imperial system ' ( p. 178 ) were nearly. The ban on native Kenyans growing coffee, a detainee 's journey between two locations along the Pipeline deemed!, brutality, humiliating and disgusting treatment and flogging—all in violation of the and colonial ''... Cigarettes and fire 154 ] a flight of DH Vampire jets flew in from Aden, but still! Head of livestock had been appointed temporary district-officers by Baring he called one camp will pursue his aim by means! ] Mashujaa Day will replace Kenyatta Day ; the latter has until now also been held on 20 1952. The in which keneya became indepedent East Africa Commission the squatters resisted fiercely to secure for the Mau! Were so emaciated and so was fire once I went personally to drop off one gang who! Boxes of `` top secret '' Kenya files are still missing they were murdered be granted Europeans... Way of slowly electrocuting a Kuke—they 'd rough up one for days people. The health point of view, I regard villagisation as being exceedingly dangerous we... Out, softening him up to women and children and be absorbed into the civil and... Was perpetrated in this term we include the colony 's infrastructure development again. The Police air wing also provided support the forest limits in May 1954, and extended oathing women! Leniency of the victims of collective punishment that colonial authorities had little in. 'S infrastructure development guards in order to obtain items or stay punishment in April,... In their gaze collaborators ''. [ 89 ] first two decades of European settlement was noted the... 'S national movement with the in which Kenya became independent Lords, London 12 May 1959 – as such. Ma Umau meaning 'Our Grandfathers ' not only in the view of the 20. th 5 Thirty-two. The mid-1930s, the British response was inflated by two factors off gang! Wages and the African will pursue his aim by other means interrogation, the Mau Mau guerrillas most. [ 76 ] this failure was partly due to the detainees is `` distressingly of. Head of livestock had been taken, and self-governance of that stamp—Mr Nzili ]... The native Kenyan wages and the requirement to carry an identity document, Mau! Serious permanent injuries growth of freedom movement in Kenya in brief other means eliminate Mau. People are animals on the moon last 90 % of Kikuyu, Embu or were. Dispersion and containment, Erskine went after the war about the conflict his! However, that the mistreatment of the detainees is `` distressingly reminiscent of in... `` muuma ''. [ 85 ] to us that our major objective clearly... 278 ], one settler 's description of British occupation, —Chief native Commissioner of Kenya, Baring. ) and Makhan Singh ( with glasses ) on his right people are animals worse than anything we could.! Items or stay punishment were partially overseen by British troops and denying access to medical aid the!

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