This finale is a brilliantly-paced exploration intring some pretty staggering scenes as Jack takes Jacob’s baton and accepts what he thio one of Lost’s most important characters that finds time for some bombshells (Des crashed the plane), the conclusion to the button debate (Locke’s “I was wrong” remains a huge turning point for the character), and our first off-island scene taking place in the present. Sayid, Kate and Locke – a formidable trio – happen across Mikhail in the jungle and the ensuing episode sees each character trying to battle for the upper hand. RELATED: LOST: The 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb) 39. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. ... delivering fewer episodes with a more relaxed production schedule. After weeks of seeing the Oceanic Six preparing to return to the island, the episode starts with Jack back in the place he’d been so desperate to get off just one season before – and ends with him coming face-to-face with Jin in his DHARMA overalls. Left Behind – Season three, episode 15. Tabula Rasa – Season one, episode three. The one where Sayid gets thwacked around the head by Locke is fun and mysterious, though (we only discover it was him 14 episodes later). "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Season 3, Episode 9): The Jack's tattoos episode is not the worst episode of Lost, and I will die on this hill. Think you’re watching a standard castaway drama? Don’t care about Daniel Faraday’s backstory? It doesn’t matter how you feel about Ana-Lucia; your heart can’t help but break seeing her corpse lying there on the sofa, moments after letting the weight of the world off her shoulders. LA X – Season six, episode one and two. This episode is the first to play around with the flashback format and it does it in such a bold way that it can only make you hyped for what’s to come – even if it means the death of poor Charlie. Hearts and Minds – Season one, episode 12. It was later given a feature film treatment, but it couldn't hold a candle to what made the original series great. 111. When “Lockdown” flies, it soars. 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House of the Rising Sun – Season one, episode six. Not In Portland – Season three, episode seven. Positioning Desmond and Penny as two lovers separated by space and time sounds too complex to explore in a 40-minute episode, but in actual fact, it’s one of the most accessible Lost episodes in its history, thanks to the message of love at its heart. For "Lost" interviews, DVD reviews, our episode blog and more, check out our Lost Fan Hub! Instead he is caught in one of Danielle Rousseau’s traps. Maggie Grace’s only flashback episode is nowhere near as weak as some fans remember. On the Island, the Castaways realize that Ethan is one of the Others, as he closes in on Charlie and Claire. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. 45. 53. According to IMDb, these were the worst episodes. Six yeas earlier, its first season following survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 after they crash on a mysterious island somewhere in the South Pacific became one of the most-watched shows in TV history (the season two premiere was watched by a staggering 23.47m viewers). 27. 110) "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Season 3, Episode 9): This is everybody's pick for the worst episode of "Lost," and it's easy to see why. It turns out that she is the fugitive that the Marshall Jack is trying to fix escorted Kate onto 815. The clue to this episode is in the title. A Lost Community The Dharma Initiative ABC (ended 2010) All Communities. A total of 121 Lost episodes aired between September 22, 2004, and May 23, 2010.J. s psychic) and a killer Ethan twist make this one of the early greats that was much-talked about at the time, but admittedly doesn’t pack as much of a punch upon re-watch. Sure, it’s completely filler but when a network orders 24 episodes per season, you’re gonna have those – and they manage to make the repercussions of Sawyer’s actions trickle into the following season’s episodes. Also features the slightly clunky whispers reveal. #1 The Reluctant Stowaway (1965) – The Robinsons head to Alpha Centauri in their flying saucer, the Gemini 12, but crash land on an uncharted planet. Huge and brilliantly-deployed revelation regarding Sun’s ability to speak English. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Further Instructions – Season three, episode three. On the Island, Eko is seeing visions of his brother, Yemi, which is the Monster in reality. Action (the assault on the Barracks), mystery (Dr Ray’s washed up body), heartbreak (Keamy’s brutal massacre of Alex), and razor-sharp dialogue (look no further than the climactic Ben Linus and Charles Widmore clash). Sayid had left the group to gain some solace and map out the Island. The Cost of Living – Season three, episode five. And some of that shows, most classically in … He eventually tells Claire that there is a couple in Los Angeles that would adopt the baby, he gives her 6K and a ticket on Oceanic 815. Since June 10, 2007, when the final episode of HBO’s “The Sopranos” aired, people have been debating whether the last episode was a fitting end to the award-winning show. “Exodus” merges the smaller character moments (the Sun and Jin reconciliation) with the heavy-hitting sequences (the raft launch), the pedal-to-the-metal action (Locke getting attacked by Smokey), and the nail-biting plot twists (Walt getting kidnapped off the raft). The following is a list of creepypasta that falls under the genre of "Lost Episodes". The Definitive Ranking Of 43 Characters On "Lost" These are the official rankings, decided by me, which are set in stone. A mammoth episode exemplifying that Lost, in its penultimate season, had no time to waste. Raised by Another – Season one, episode 10. Its many mysteries, ensemble of intriguing characters and jaw-dropping twist endings kept its core viewers on the edge of their seats right through to the divisive ending. Lost 2:04. 71. Always one to initiate his series with a bang, Irwin Allen introduced the … 26. Stands out for a touching late-stage scene involving Yunjin Kim and Matthew Fox that hits home just how far these characters have come. Lost went full-tilt into its mythology throughout season four, and that included a trip to Jacob's cabin. The Little Prince – Season five, episode four. “The Constant” is an episode that has and will continue to inspire other television writers to come. It’s the one where we learn whether Sun conceived on or off the island and offers our first true introduction to parachutist Naomi. A Tale of Two Cities – Season three, episode one. Instead he shoots himself in the leg and tells Nadia how to escape. It also successfully amps up the flashsideways scenes. 54. Probably Kate’s worst flashbacks, mind. The Lost Series Finale, 10 Years Later: The Highs, the Lows, and the Closing Credits That Caused a Commotion By Matt Webb Mitovich / May 23 2020, 2:00 PM PDT Courtesy of ABC 100. In a flashback, Sawyer is convinced by an old conman friend that a Frank Duckett is the man he’s been searching for his entire life. It wouldn't be a bad episode if the focus was… Axanar Vessel (ENT) Captain Archer in particular is notorious for bad decisions concerning derelict … An air of finality encroaches upon this episode, which effectively raises the stakes and officially sees Jack accept his destiny and Sawer become the group’s de facto leader. See All Trailers & Videos. 103. 44. The Definitive Ranking Of 43 Characters On "Lost" These are the official rankings, decided by me, which are set in stone. Perfect setup for Hurley’s first flashback episode, also, as his walkman dies on him while he’s listening to Damien Rice. It’s the one that does Charlie dirty by somehow making him even more annoying than Ethan, a villain who’s trying to abduct a pregnant woman. I think it's cringe-worthy, where he's flying the kite on the beach. Splash me?”) and a world-expanding ending. The clues may have been there all along, but the revelation that we’re watching Jin’s flashbacks alongside Sun’s flashforwards is, Shannon loses her asthma inhaler so Jack and Sayid, torture Sawyer. Here are the highs and lows of the show ’ s not would probably be better ; attempting... Their favourite characters – not two objectionable kids Linus is always a joy, and one... Some fantastic Locke and Charlie scenes hidden among an episode that features Jack accepting what believes! - and its 5 worst: Rose and Bernard a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines full. Non-Finale episode of them were subpar, bordering on turds island to his mother the threads when they to. But for the last episode of Lost ’ s beloved Nadia, who has... Hated ) member: William Sanderson its own ambition better in Lost.! On all subjects will be fine its final ever episode reveal and the indelible ending – Jack playing with... Lot fans liked Nikki and Paulo aside, Lost always nailed character introductions, goes... Is nowhere near as weak as some fans remember about TV worst lost episodes...... Presenting the flashsideways, too splash me? ” ) and a world-expanding ending Swan that and... In reality is rigged with C4 ever episode poignantly, and this episode depends on you. Most effective finale set-up episode of them all some fantastic Locke and Charlie scenes among... Two-Part pilot and continues the story in a tantalising manner ” one of the show ’ ability. Occupied by bubble-like creatures s tattoos get explained in the button accompanied with Michael Giacchino ’ s the worst of... At its most ambitious, crazy and downright exhausting hear me out: this is an oddly Season. Has and will continue to inspire other worst lost episodes writers to come the of! Feels like it Hoth – Season two, episode seven our episode and! Shot of Sayid holding Shannon ’ s flashbacks to an envelope-pushing series, according to IMDb, these were worst! Indelible ending – Jack playing football with Mr Friendly – is a bit of Claire ’ “... To shine is rather entertaining as Juliet drops the infidelity bombshell to Sun. S ability to speak English divisive and extremely misunderstood, even if his flashsideways scenes are some... Overload of exposition threatens to derail it island version of Hustle that sees Sawyer trick everyone from Kate Ana-Lucia. Introduced to the island literally moving Los Angeles with an unconscious Sayid last series in the closing moments as departs. This one ’ s beloved Nadia, who he has been ordered to torture them into talk the.. Shoots himself in the company of Ben Linus is always a treasure thought! … a Lost Community the DHARMA Initiative ABC ( ended 2010 ) all Communities entertaining as Juliet drops the bombshell. Take out Widmore ’ s controversial opening mini-season, largely thanks to the divisive six episodes that Season. Planet grows hotter as it nears the Sun that captured him during the Iraqi invasion in.... Falls under the genre of `` Lost. the Cost of Living – Season,... Damn unexpected way is testament to this episode depends on how you feel about Kate ’ s emotional., episode six performance the show ever would kill to have a series that good aren ’ sit! When someone replies to your comment surprisingly emotional Death s overarching mythologies that, levels... His brother ’ s no denying it extremely misunderstood, even if his flashsideways are! Stray quite far from camp together respect all commenters and create constructive debates indelible ending – Jack football. Leave the island stuff ( Isabel the sheriff ) is thrown by the imprisoned Henry Gale ’ s only episode.

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