Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH IG-100 MagnaGuard: IG-100 MagnaGuard is a work in progress like all of the newly-polished Separatist Droids, so these recommendations may get some small updates in the coming weeks. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. *Update* So I decided to buy the Hyperdrive Bundle because why not. So join us at Some parameters: -All toons will be Relic 3, this makes them fairly powerful but prevents some of the outsized relic advantages attackers and some select toons (Daka, GG, Jolee, etc.) Best Mods for… The crazy year that is 2020 is nearing it’s end and a second round of Galactic Legend characters has already hit the game. Learn to dominate Grand Arena by subscribing as an OM Patreon! Home; Discussions; Best Of... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums › General Discussion. Jedi Knight Revan. Revive - All Allies . Find out why Nute Gunray is next on the chopping block to be nerfed and how you can take advantage of it until it is. I know sounds terrible. Home; Sith raid; Mod Secondary starting values; tb. Here is that post… SWGoH, MSF, HPWU & TFEW News, Tips & Strategy. Welcome to the General Grievous mods guide, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a … BlasTech Weapon Mod. I split my attacks between Jolee Fishdo and Ani. Jump to:navigation, search. Welcome back to 5 Minute Modding everyone! Description -25% Speed. Is it possible to unlock … As always, for help on how to mod the reworked Nute Gunray, look to’s Best Mods for Galaxy of Heroes characters section of the site. About; Deals; Star Wars GOH. Truth is, it literally destroys the new meta, but has some major counters. Captain Han Solo . Jolee Bindo. Unlock Padmé 7* after rework Dookan and Nute. B2 Super Battle Droid Shards x5. Nikoms565 wrote: » I heard that a little N1 Naboo fighter can rip that thing apart though... Nerf N1!!!!! Q: Can Nute Gunray be revive more than once? Ewok Elder. The recent rework of Nute Gunray and the addition of Extortion to the game has led to a lot of questions and head-scratching by a confused player base. Think Darth Revan at 335 speed- very good, but not best-in-the-game type mods -Snake … Nightsister allies have +30 Speed, +30% Offense, gain 50% Turn Meter when they fall below 100% Health, and have a 50% chance to remove 20% Turn Meter when they damage an enemy. Not God Tier, but very good. Dengar. Jawa Engineer. Leaderboard; Guild Activities; News. If you don’t have have enough of the team to do GG droids, then a Nute lead with GG, Dooku, Magna, and B2 would probably work alright. To maximize his abilities and use him effectively and efficiently, I recommend the use of a set of four Offense mods and a set of two Tenacity or Health mods with as little Speed as possible from the secondary stats. For basics on how mods work in SWGoH don’t miss SWGOH 101: The Comprehensive Mod Guide – the Wikipedia of mods for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. The counters won't hurt Padmé, but Enfys Nest will eventually stack so much crit damage that she'll kill them in her turn (unlike with other teams where Nest kills them on the counter attack). I’ve been working up this squad the last couple of months as a specific team to counter Phoenix squads in TW. Check out the new player index. Unlocks at Gear Level 4. SWGOH fangstar fangstar's swgoh. 1st Time. 1st Time. 5. Damage Over Time. But having Asajj Nute and GG, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, do not miss our Relic Amplifiers section where we review and analyze Relics for key SWGoH characters. News & Dev Posts; SWGOH Reddit; SWGOH EA Forums; Units; Stats; GAC Meta; Database; Guilds; News; Log In; Log In Remove Ads. Director Krennic. Here's how it works: you take stealth 3 stealth characters and put them behind nightsister zombie and Nute Gunray leading. BitDynasty. Plenty of buff dispel, Dooku can put Nute under stealth, etc. Threepio & Chewie. Report Save. Level 7: Separatist allies have +15% Speed and Potency for each enemy with Extortion. A: Yes, but not from his Unique, Viceroy’s Reach. Squad … First Order Stormtrooper. GAC S eason … 1st Time. Nute Gunray does insane things for General Grievous! Thus, here is my preferred mod setup for the B1 Battle Droid: Transmitter (Square) – … Or alternatively a less fantastic Magnaguard replacement. … TW Squad: Counter to Phoenix Squad < Gunray,NAco,NZombie,Datcha,Leia. Revive - Ally . CT-5555 "Fives" Captain Phasma. SWGoH: Best Mods for General Grievous TOPICS: Clone Wars Droids General Grievous HK-47 Mods 2.0 Separatists. While Nute Gunray is alive, each enemy that ends their turn with Extortion dispels their own buffs and grants Extortion to another random enemy that doesn't have it. More Details Show. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Droideka: The Droideka has a unique kit that is fun to use in-game. Count Dooku Shards x5. Then Dooku goes down. From SWGoH Help Wiki. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Asajj Ventress: The “ideal mod setup” can be interpreted a few different ways. New player? 5. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every… SWGoH, MSF, HPWU & TFEW News, Tips & Strategy. 14 posts Member. Sun Fac Shards x5. Nightsister Zombie. I use Asajj to keep dispelling their buffs. I imagine 3v3 will be worse. 5. About; Deals; Star Wars … Here is my preferred mod setup for Asajj Ventress: Transmitter (Square) – Health mod with a primary focus on offense and a … Asajj Ventress Lead Synergy: Nightsister. List of units that can Revive and ally. From the last 2 TW it’s been working pretty well. IG-100 MagnaGuard Shards x5. 5. SWGOH - TW Counters - CLS … level 1. - Come and join my server! June 11, 2019 9:58AM. Characters that can apply. 214 … Then B2 goes down. Geonosis Separatist Might: Leader Abilities. Chief Chirpa. Mod Battles; Guilds. 5. My two acts used: Nute L, Asajj, Jango, GG, Dooku (most were at least g10, asajj was at 12 with her zetas, Jango was 11 and GG was G12) Nute L, Asajj, Jango, GBA and Poggle. 1st Time. I heard simply pushing one star destroyer into another caused both to explode. can get from R7 -All mods will be solid 6e mods. Characters. Count Dooku … I use Nute Extortion ability … ItsJarJarBinkz . You have to have Nightsister Acolyte in order for it to work. Using Extortion removes it, recover 10% Health, and grants Separatist enemies Profit. com is a SWGOH counter site for GAC, TB, TW. From SWGoH Help Wiki. 5. Galactic Challenges; Gear; Raids; Scavenger; Shard Shipments; Events; Quests; Light Side Battles; Dark Side Battles ; Squad Cantina Battles; Fleet Battles; Mod Battles; Guilds. 5. Status Debuff: Dispellable Yes Resistible Yes Copyable Yes Details. Gar Saxon. Thank you for your generosity :) Want to hang out with me on a monthly basis? Then she goes down. This Turn Meter removal can't be Resisted. I use GG’s special to take out Padmé. Ships. Leaderboard; Guild Activities; News. Mon Mothma. Vandor Chewbacca. GAC Home Top GAC Squads Top GAC Leaders SWGOH GAC Counters GAC Navigation SWGOH Nute Gunray Counters Based on 5,057 GAC Battles analyzed this season. While Nute Gunray is alive, each enemy that ends their turn with Extortion dispels their own buffs. 5. Today we look at the Count Dooku and Nute Gunray reworks to give my initial impressions. General … Dooku works better on either an Palpatine … Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Jedi Knight Anakin: Jedi Knight Anakin can be modded in a couple of different ways, but building on his offense is the key whether you use CC/CD or Offense mods. … Unique: Viceroy's Reach FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Whenever a Separatist ally inflicts a debuff, they also deal 5% Max Health damage to that enemy, which can't be evaded, and enemies with Extortion have -30% Speed and Offense. Welcome to best mods for Han Solo in SWGoH, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for each SWGoH character. Chiewab Medpac. 1st Time. Jump to:navigation, search. Create Account. Scarif Rebel Pathfinder. Characters. Nute, Dooku, Asajj and two bugs will work at g10-12 range. Asajj Ventress Shards x5. Wat Tambor. Ships. I used Dooku to keep stunning everyone, B2 to keep spreading buff immunity on the opposing team. 1st Time. Click here if you would like to donate! 1 year ago. Trying to convince myself that my 3 weeks of grinding wasn't a waste, which I am going to say it wasn't because it helped me learn the game mechanics plus anyway I've taken the full PS to 7* legit, but now have a 7* EP with the help of HDB, now to finish Thrawn 7*. Director Krennic. There's none, but Nute is a fantastic Droideka replacement. 5. 1st Time. … None. Here is what I would suggest as the best mods for the IG-100 MagnaGuard: Transmitter (Square) – Potency mod with an offense primary and a secondary focus on speed, … Ewok Elder. Date: January 26, 2018 Author: fangstar 0 Comments. News & Dev Posts; SWGOH Reddit; SWGOH EA Forums; Units; Stats; GAC Meta; Database; Guilds; News; Log In; Log In Remove Ads. Viceroy’s Reach only allows him to revive the first time he is defeated. Kuiil. Capital Games was kind enough to seek to explain all of this last night on the EA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forums. Geonosian Soldier Shards x5. Nute Gunray Shards x5. Jyn Erso. 1st Time. Squad Arena Store; Currency Squad Arena Token Obtained From Squad Arena: Exclusives Asajj Ventress Chief Nebit Coruscant Underworld Police Darth Sidious Eeth Koth Greedo HK-47 IG-88 Nute Gunray Savage Opress Ugnaught: The Squad Arena Store uses Squad Arena Tokens to purchase Credits, Prestige, and Character Shards. 5. (Rougue one reference.) Rafaelcb. List of units that can Revive all allies. Commander Luke Skywalker. It can take out a team … Cassian Andor. As stated above, a set of four Offense or CD mods and a set of two Health mods on Asajj with high Speed, CC and Potency secondaries is likely the best way to go. I beat the REAL T7 Yoda (not the nerfed one) and did so before mods were there to help *This space left intentionally blank* 0. SWGoH … January 14, 2021 | SWGoH: Best Mods for The Armorer; Search for: Home Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Okay so I'm doing a Nute Gunray lead. January 9, 2017 9:54PM. Bastila Shan (Fallen) Baze Malbus. After the rework of Dookan and Nute. While Nute Gunray is alive, each enemy that ends their turn with Extortion dispels their own buffs and grants Extortion to another random enemy that doesn't have it. Top … 2494 posts Member. 1st Time. Geonosian Spy Shards x5 . Nute Gunray. Mods: 5 dots Rewards. Visas Marr. Posted By: ljcool110 April 18, 2018. I prefer the use of 4 Offense mods for JKA because so many other characters are so reliant on CC/CD mods: Transmitter (Square) – Offense mod with a primary focus on offense and a secondary focus on … 1st Time. Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) … Ideally you get a tanky Sun Fac or Magna so everyone can hide under dookus stealth. Mod Meta Report; Zeta / Omega Report; GAC Meta; Database. What happens is when zombie loses her taunt their still forced to attack her and it's … None. Nute Gunray's lead is a TON of fun! Swgoh 3v3 counters SWGOH FO vs GG with Nute bad performance Feb 18 2020 - Duration: 1:15. He makes an excellent second tier Separatist team with Geonosians and Count Dooku which is very helpful for Grand Arena! … Jawa. Poggle the Lesser Shards x5. 13. share.

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