I’ve had 3 cortisone injections and am on my third round of physical therapy sessions (Kaiser only gave me 6 at a time prior to the injections). I am going through very bad phase of my life…… my spine is moved to left side …. Draw a vertical line along the mid line of your shoulder. If you were short on time, I would just do something like the wall angel exercise to “wake up” those muscles first. I will share your website to other people, please keep it up, amazing instructions. Thank you! All the best with the Rounded shoulders and Scoliosis! If you can return the forward shoulder to a more neutral position and start loading the chest equally, this should help even up the size. by a chiropractor here in London. My question is…. Once again, thanks for the amazing website. One thing that immediately pops into my head is something called Thoracic outlet syndrome. I’m really trying to massage and relax these muscles but they remain super tight. thank you so much, This is very usefull for me :D Greetings from Italy. Thanks for responding. I find it difficult to engage my abs during ab workouts and feel pain in my lower back. It would be amazing if you had a Youtube channel, Making Youtube videos is definitely the next step to delivering better information :), Hi Mark I have really poor posture that resulted from rounded shoulders I’ve had for approx 3 years. Here are the links to: – Anterior pelvic tilt – Winged scapula, Hey Mark! – Low row – High row – Face pulls – Over head shoulder extensions with cable machine – Bent over raises for rear deltoids – Dead lift. Make sure you are placing your shoulders in a neutral position when you are doing chest. I have been dealing with a constant throbbing In my left shoulder area for approx 6 years now. Thank you, Jenn. Thank you! Over time – this should get better. If you want to address knee valgus in this position, consider wrapping a resistance band between his knees and cue him to keep the distance between the knees. Thank you. Keep your shoulders down and focus on moving the weights using your mid-back. For more info: Forward head posture exercises, If you are not able to get your wrists back onto the wall with the Wall angel exercises, it is likely you may have: – Thoracic kyphosis – Lack of external rotation on the shoulder joint – ROunded shoulders. If I succeed in fully releasing and stretching the pec minor, the neck pain can be completely gone. Thank u for the great website! If possible and applicable, could you please list name (no details needed, I will do the research) exercises that will help with the above? Are you talking about the region between the shoulder blades? Eg. Yes – you should try to maintain it throughout the day. Thank you for such a great website. Yes – they are good to engage the posterior arm chain. It is a burning pain that is immediately relieved by sitting or bending over. If you have tried all of these exercises for the shoulder with limited success, I would encourage you to have a look at what your torso and pelvis is doing. After giving birth, I then walked my daughter to sleep for 15months and now have shoulder pain. Any questions?… Leave me a comment down below. Hi Mark, It sounds like Tomás and I have similar injury. I never post on any site. Melanie. Could my right side be weaker because that shoulder is more rolled forward than my left? Stand up tall and straight. 2. If you have done every exercise you can think of for the shoulder, the next area would be the torso. My head feels like it is being pulled to the side and my shoulder is locked into the forward position about 2 inches with limited flexibility. I knew my posture was out but did not realise my shoulders were the main cause. Thanks heaps. Is there a better way to help my forward shoulders while I sleep? Thanks in advance :). Which condition or conditions do you feel should be worked on first? This is where your blood vessels/nerves can get a bit squashed in the shoulder/neck region when you lift your arm up. Sounds like you got some imbalance between your left and right sides. Try to think about bringing your scapula together, as opposed to bringing your arms back. Or is it that bad? Scapular wall slides (also called “wall angels”), are a great exercise to strengthen your back and fix rounded shoulders. Thanks so much for the content! 1. Was just wondering tho, would y’s and t’s, also be a good exercise? I definitely have hunchback posture, rounded shoulders (5in on left, 3in on right), and winged scapula. Some people can correct it straight away as all that was wrong was a lack of awareness of shoulder position. Many thanks in advance – you do great work and should be proud! (for example some kinda of HIIT workout for upper body). And like to say I appreciate it. when I wake up my back and mostly shoulders and neck are very tight. Click here to learn how to release the latissimus dorsi, the biggest back muscle that can contribute to the anterior pelvic tilt…. Can you tell me if there are any gym exercises which may help my scapula winging, so I can fit them into my back workout. (I assume that’s the best position?). Keep your glutes and core engaged. Regards. What if you have only one shoulder that is noticeably higher and the opposite shoulder rolls forward more. I don’t have any massage balls that I can use but I have been trying to use tennis balls instead but I don’t think they are working as much as I would hope, so if the releases are not done properly would that mean I don’t get the results? This is great info it appears the doing internal and external rotation exersizes daily is key to helping being able to lift my right arm over my head. i want start my swimming and im going to learning butterfly in swimming does good for my psture? I do not want surgery. I am a french guy living in china, I used to sit and play videos games a lot ( sitting front of my computer for hours). Could the shoulder roll posture be causing contributing to this or have you ever seen this condition with stiff neck forward shoulder roll? If so, is there a trick to prevent it (I have an arched back, figured it could be my weak abdominal muscles responsible for this). Will I still be able to make progress if I do this around work, but not during work hours (9-5)? Imagine suspending a pencil in between your shoulder blades. Rounded shoulders can be one factor that may be leading to TMJ issues. You can get a similar effect by doing a slow lowering of a push up, but it may not be enough load. Should the serratus anterior be strengthened, stretched or both? The body is a connected chain. I’m thinking I should try at least doing your rounded shoulder exercises before going to the gym. There are several muscles that run between the shoulder and elbow. It could be! I have a hard time contracting my stomach correctly throughout the day. I’m afraid my situation may become worse if I keeping strengthen my chest & back, but I also wanna build better shape…. Can rounded shoulder is the result of tighness in biceps? I’m trying to determine if I have rolled shoulders. I have been following this for maybe 6 months now and feeling like I am getting somewhere but however I have started noticing sever clicking and popping in my right shoulder particularly, combined with some pain. Iv been given some exercises to do now and the pain in my back has eased off on my last pysio appointment I was told my posture is getting better, However sometimes after I do the exercises and more so if I don’t do them I get a stabbing pain above my left pec and underneath my collar Bone. Everyone is different. Whenever i try to correct my posture, i feel a kind of tightness in my right arm, it becomes a bit numb and it seems to be blood flow becomes restricted on that part. … but do not let your lower rib cage flare outwards. These exercises will be a great place to start. The ball release with full body weight is the best way I know of for self release. I have no problem doing any exercise! In this case I would say stretch it. I’m practicing your exercises. If that pain is still persisting, I would think that you are still engaging the upper trapezius too much. Filling uneasiness due to this but no pain. To give you a better answer, I would need to see how you are benching pressing. Like we mentioned earlier, you need to release and stretch your tight, stiff muscles and strengthen them. What workout with weights would you suggest that I do and what cardio would be best for my back? I know your post says that over-active or tight biceps could cause rounded shoulders, but I don’t lift enough to really say that my biceps are too tight or over-active. Whilst holding onto the door frame, let your upper arm take the weight of your body. Gentle nerve glides/Scalene stretch: Tilt your head away from the side of long thoracic nerve issue. (see lumbar hyperlordosis). Thanks for the great and comprehensive article. The hunched postures you continually adopt throughout the day disrupts the normal balance of muscular activity in your shoulders. Does sleeping on your side cause Rounded Shoulders? This is when you need to be more mindful and lightly engage those shoulder blade muscles. It’s more uncomfort than pain. I have Hyperlordosis and rounded shoulders. I have scoliosis, rounded shoulders, forward head posture and maybe hunchback posture. A loss of lordosis (curve) of the cervical spine accompanies a forward head posture. However, with a 45min-1hr full-body workout 3-4 times a week, I have difficulty fitting posture routines into my schedule. I’ve created a step-by-step video to take you through these great exercises that’ll help you restore proper shoulder and neck alignment. Hi Mark, I have been doing a few of these exercises for a few weeks before I came upon your blog , and have had trouble getting any sort of contraction with the back muscles of my left shoulder (my shoulders are visibly uneven). Hi Mark, I’m an athlete at the age of 15, and I am very active and etc. If you have both Rounded shoulders and Winged scapula, you will still want to strengthen/learn to control the Serratus anterior muscle in both lengthened and shortened positions. But – you might want to further investigate as to WHY it feels very awkward in the first place. Thank you :), Hi Mark, I had two questions. Use your body weight to sink into the stretch. I’m wondering if my “slumping shoulder” is mostly fixable with a lot of stretching, like above, or I might never get to 100% because of the scoliosis. Please guide me about this and how to solve this problem permanently. If you can only do 4 or 5 reps. That is fine. Thanks again! I stood straight with both hands to the very bottom of my abdomen or pelvis and pushed in and a bit up because I seem to tilt downward a little and was surprised to see my whole body change-my knees unlocked and my lower back pain eased, it also made it easier to straighten upper back and shoulders. I have been diagnosed with the following: – right anterior hip posture, over active deep pelvic and external hip rotators complicated by glut max, medius tendinopathy and inhibition of these muscles. On the other hand, the muscles that weaken and lengthen due to inactivity (also contributing to that rounded shoulders posture) are: The deep cervical flexor muscles, Rromboids, mid-lower trapezius. I have been suffering from neck pains (mostly sides and back of the neck) and upper back pains for many months already. I am going to gym regularly now. Once you have strength and stability, you can do these exercises for your Rounded shoulders. Even so – The exercises will still likely benefit you. Also, my posterior capsule and everything associated it profoundly tight; simply rolling into the sleeper stretch feels deep enough. The specific one that I am using in the chest release is called the SuperNova by mobilitywod. Reduce true Internal rotation in the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint. Just start! As heart issues is outside my expertise, I can’t really comment that. The same principles apply. I have had very rounded shoulders since I was little girl (I think due to poor body confidence, I am now in my thirties) and have never corrected them. Another question, will push ups help? My left chest is very tight and i have done many releases but it wont fix and i only train my back and legs now as my posture isnt improving. As a result, time frame to recovery will vary from person to person. My rhomboid muscle on right side always gives me a pinching and sharp pain. Ps. So I decided to youtube lat stretch exercises and omg pain is gone by 80% and I feel less scapular impingement. What happens if you have rounded shoulders when you sit down but not when you lay on your back? Are they any exercises I can do to help my shoulders? When you think about to many components of posture, you end up stiff as a plank of wood. My X ray shows loss of curvature in the neck . I was wondering can I do the releases, stretch exercise or shoulder mobilisation daily? How do I know if my muscle are tight and what is the cause of muscle tightness? Any advice? In fact – it is probably related to the issues with the long head biceps. (domino effect). Thank you so much for your amazing blog and dedication to helping people , it is truly inspiring. The upward arrow has me a bit confused. So why do you put lats at tight, theyre the weak muscles. I have spent 4 hours working through it. It gets worse the better my posture gets. For example, carrying heavy bags or purses using the same side of the body. If the inferior border (the red bits) are sticking out in your back, then it is likely the scapula is in a position of anterior tilt. How can I tell if I have neck bones/joints that have become fused? My shoulder were tight and I was having a lot of back pain so I went to consult a doctor. Do you mean you tilted/rotated your pelvis backwards? I’m now 24-year-old, male, 185 cm with rounded shoulder. Do you have anything for winged scapula and anterior pelvic tilt? The pain is difficult to pin point but seems to radiate from the rear deltoid. Also you can check out this post on Shoulder Impingement. Hi Mark, Can you please let me know what size massage ball you are using in the chest release picture you have posted and where I can purchase one? I feel most of my pain has been relieved by help on the internet. Also due to rounded shoulders, i cant get very good back activation, so this could be tightening up other muscles? I’m in intense pain all the time in my shoulder, neck, head and upper back. Gym exercises are great, however, many people do the gym exercises in the wrong posture. Would this mean that I need to go through the routines for all these conditions (of course excluding repititive exercises) ? It may also predispose your shoulder blade to make clicking noises as you move it. Hi mark, my father is 52 years old and he have rounded shoulders the last 7 years,could he fix it? In your case, it tends to extend (arch.). Hi mark wondering if you could helper with this problem I’ve developed over the 4 years I been weight training my left shoulder is sitting higher but my problem is my left bicep has shortened and I feel like my arm is internally rotated and when I do curls or any left arm work it feels like my bicep isn’t working properly and my forearm is doing most the work and now I’m getting real bad upper back and neck pain so I’ve had to stop working out any idea on what could be happening? 4. I understand you have to be at work and do your job. Thank you for your article. I also go to the gym frequently and am trying to focus on strengthening my upper back and shoulder muscles. (sounds like a Right rotated pelvis to me). Is it normal to feel tiredness and soreness on the back muscles? I would recommend addressing your posture now so that it doesn’t become a significant problem in the future. Would it be advisable to hold off all upper body exercises for now, since I’m not sure which of the exercises aggravate my condition ? The goal is to have your shoulders NATURALLY sit in the right position without you having to jam them backwards. And what the exercises he should do? Release and/or stretch latissimus dorsi, teres major, pectoralis major and subscapularis. Hey Mark, I’ve had your page favorited since I had initially re-injured my shoulder in Dec 2018, and seeing your responses to commenters over the year shows both your passion and dedication to the profession – kudos to you! Just make sure that you balance it out with back exercises. Hello, thanks for all the good info. I catch myself sitting straight up but leaning forward towards my computer all the time. What do I need to do to facilitate healing? I do have shoulder pain while running sometimes and collarbone pain (not sure if that relates-I did break my top rib back in high school years ago). tendons). It sounds like you have what we call a medially rotated scapula. Step 1: Scapular Wall-Slides to Fix Rounded Shoulders. My only warning is that you DO NOT become reliant on it! If you experienced an acute injury and didn’t go through a full rehabilitation phase, there may be a chance those imbalances weren’t completely resolved. In this video I'll show you how to fix rounded shoulder posture, and fix your posture so that your shoulders are more aligned. should i exercise them? You want it to be as relaxed and natural as possible (which can take some practice to get to that stage.). Thank you! Q2. PS you have helped me with my pain, thank you. 1. Essentially – I would do them all to begin with. What is the purpose of both? Then I discovered overhead movements really tighten my shoulder all and around, even downward dog seems to mesh with my shoulder. (Eg. I suffer from winged scapula (due to inhibited rhomboids, lower/mid trap and serratus anterior, not nerve damage). Otherwise – if done incorrectly, it could encourage the bad posture. Thanks! I would work on addressing the hunchback posture. Generally speaking – You will need to start on the area that is most likely causing the other areas to compensate. Can you give me a recommendation? I have spent a lot of time on the Walmart website and I’m unsure about which one (s) to choose. You will need to match the firmness with amount of force you can tolerate. I have a blog post that might help you out: Uneven shoulders. It might just be that the body is not ready for the new position yet. abs and lower back, strengthening the specific muscles in the upper back and stretching chest. I do have relatively week rhomboids,but once again they don’t think this is the root of my problem. Learn how your comment data is processed. It really depends what it causing your shoulder height discrepancy. Also, is that supposed to be a firm or soft foam cylinder? What kind of rehab exercises have you done? If you are still having issues, you might have some rotation in your torso. I am working towards all the steps you mentioned. These repetitive movements create muscular tightness in the front chest and shoulder muscles contributing to rounded shoulders. So I thought maybe it is my lats? Sounds like you do have a degree of Rounded shoulders. Just want to get on the right path :). Do you how much estimated time is needed to correct this if done regularly. is there anything you can recommend during the 8hrs or so sitting behind a desk. Keep your posture aligned. Could my rounded shoulders have something to do with that? Summary. My anterior pelvic tilt seems to have been partially caused by squatting, the lower back has become very strong, and also the muscles on the side of the lower back are actually arched as they are so big, creating an indent in the middle of my back even when it is straight ( this is nothing to do with the spine it is just that the muscles on the side of my lower back protrude as they are overdeveloped). It stretches biceps. I’m a 53 y/o man, and I’ve managed to stay thin and athletically active. Do you have any Ideas how i can get rid of it? – Perform a lat spread as you do lat exercises. Thank you! This blog post might help: Uneven shoulders. Funny that you ask this… My next post is actually about fixing a Winged scapula! All gym exercises can help your scapula winging if you can engage your serratus anterior muscles properly. All of those exercises mentioned there are specifically designed to address your upper back curve. Anyway, your article is really good, I like the mix of info, diagrams and exercises, would you mind if I shared it on to my Facebook page? Place both hands (with elbows forward) on the sides of your head. “Keep chin slightly lowered towards the chest”. This is interesting as I have exactly the same issue! [1] X Research source Hold this position for a least 10 seconds for around 10 reps. To see real benefits, do this squeeze move between 3-4 times … Around 14 year’s back I had an accident where my right wrist suffered a major jerk could this be related or this is because of rounded shoulder. I am forced to scroll thru the first part of every page every time I come to the bookmarked page for the exercise — it’s always hard to find the specific part. You can start the releases to begin with and see how you respond to that. Generally speaking – I would suggest that you persist with the exercises for at least 3 months. I'm here to help you get permanent relief from piriformis, hip, and lower back pain without spending years in pain suffering through information overwhelm or temporary fixes. Feel free to send me postural pictures through the facebook page. I wonder if it is good to train at the same time as I am doing those correction exercises. I have a lot of questions and I also feel like I need to include a lot of details with my problems. In this posture your body shifts more onto the front of your foot which places more pressure on the plantarfascia, calf and quadriceps area. I’m 16 and I’m not sure if my shoulders are properly rounded but I know they’re constantly slouched and I always forget to push them into the right position. (There are a lot of comments that I have to go through). Absolutely looking forward to doing them again. Thank you Mark. Any thoughts on this or recommendations? I’ve been doing your recommended stretches for a few days now and hope to get past this pain, but I’m wondering if I should see a specialist and if so, what kind? Check out the PushUp Plus exercise. hey, i want to keep fix all my problems in one routine of 30 minutes a day max or preferably 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. I would recommend reading this post here on how to get it moving again. 4. Would be awesome to hear how to address the opposite scenario, i.e. Said activities always result in sore traps and neck. From here, stick to those 4-5 until you feel you have got the most of out of them… and then pick another 5 :), I just found your website and have completed the whole series of stretches/exercises for the first time. Hi mark! Don’t the lats actually pull the shoulders back and downwards? I would do them prior to the gym 3 days weekly and 10 days ago while doing incline bench press when I heard some “good crackling” followed by a crunching sound and then an ahhhhh as my left shoulder and entire left side of my back moved into proper position. Gardening often takes us into a forward posture. You can put the towel in both areas. My posture is fine and when ever i look in the mirror and when i put both my hand on my hips, the right shoulder pulls forward as the left seems fine. Unfortunately his posture is awful. Place a foam roller underneath the most curved point in your thoracic spine. I have self-diagnosed myself as having rounded shoulders and winged-scapula along with pain between my shoulder blades. Check out this post: Hunchback posture. It is true that you will need to strengthen those muscles that prevent gravity from pulling your shoulders forward, however, you never really want to force any positions/postures that the body is not ready to adopt. 2. I am starting to feel the pain subside. If you have completed all of the above exercises, your shoulders should be feeling much more flexible. Hi mark,I have rounded on right shoulder only.why is that?and what is the solution? The legs are straight and the hips are raised, … We haven’t done stretching, just strengthening exercises.

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