으진 Dec 07 2017 7:57 am Many scenes of the two new leads together are simply an enjoyment to watch. Their lead chemistry so good that I found every scene come out so lovely. C Jan 17 2018 7:15 am noelle Dec 08 2017 9:13 pm i really like this drama. Well, all I can say is, I love watching this. The story spans over two hundred years. I don't know if the lead actors could improve their acting though. He decides to go to South Korea find Hae-Ra (Shin Se-Kyung), but first he goes to Slovenia. Also, insert the glimpse of reincarnated Hae-Ra meet Soo-Ho & let our brain do the thinking. happy Jan 01 2018 4:22 am nora Feb 02 2018 2:22 am As if you can match her. It would be great to see Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won again. In this century they portrait, she is very old fashion and cannot accept she will get old, than him. it'sm3 Nov 15 2017 7:14 am Anya Oct 20 2017 1:14 am Serial TV ini akan menggantikan slot serial drama terdahulu yang berjudul “Mad Dog” yang telah di tayangkan perdana di … Synopsis This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. k Feb 02 2018 1:14 am What kind of crappy ending was that? Not a good story but entertained enough, not my favorit but fair to see. I really love the views, how i wish to go there someday. Watch Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Episode 6 EngSub | Extend-1: This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. I blamed Sharon for everything, really, she was just pure evil. The ending is the same with drama Uncontrollaby Fond. UNREGISTERED. But overall it was an enjoyable watch. Your heads are full of shit! anna Dec 06 2017 11:13 pm Create New Account. Hey everyone, I have noticed two details in episode 1. Black Knight is a love story between a woman who is waiting for the love of her life and a man who is willing to do anything to protect his love. Ae Ra Dec 08 2017 12:54 pm Mina Dec 03 2017 11:22 pm The script began to weaken and even at 16 episodes, it felt too long. Cardib Dec 22 2017 12:55 am well i want to give big applause to SSK acting .she's really a veteran actress;a lot of her scenes in this drama made me realise how much realistic her acting is because one of her scenes where she did go to the kitchen to bring some water then she see him working in the living room the moment he realise that she's steering ;that moment i was really impressed by her great and realistic acting.the expression on her face was really appropriate for the situation . :(. awesome!! If you aren’t sure whether or not this odd little show is for you… watch this clip. Give this drama 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Julietta Jul 20 2020 8:56 pm Sharon was also used. What a slimey, conniving couple they are, and they deserve each other in the past life and present life. besides it had a good review n response in Korea n has done better than its competitors rating wise. The cast acting is excellent too! It ends well enough. so pathetic!!!!!! Nevertheless I really love the romance of the main leads. Shin se kyung's acting is good, i think. A fairly complicated storyline among characters which spans Joseon period to modern day. BUT THIS DRAMA IS DIFFERENT. AnnSayYo! Everything is just horrible....the fashion is fab tho. They are so relaxed and at ease with each other like a couple that know each other very well and not acting lor. Terrey Thomas Jan 26 2018 1:41 am Wooooohooo!!! My mom loved it too. OMG Seo Ji Hye !! Boring.I'm only hanging in there to support Kim Rae Won if not for him I would have dropped this drama for a much better one. em Dec 08 2017 3:49 am pipit Feb 08 2018 6:44 pm fdddd Oct 05 2017 1:14 am Rasheeda May 10 2019 4:53 pm And don't bash ssk if you haven't watch this drama episode. The cinematography is very beautiful and really smooth! And we saw that Jang Mi Hee came to him when he was crying. as always, disappointed with SSK's acting, it's amazing to be this bad. I will be on Sharon's side. I am trying really hard to like this show, mostly because Kim Rae is such an outstanding actor that he can just stand in the screen by himself without saying a word and I still will be mesmerized by his screen presence. There's butterfly in my stomach every time I see kim rae won when acting so sweet. They should have left it with the two women having a curse only and had the ring just have a temporary power like saving his life but not making that permanent. Peace everyone... Rhyss ikram, dr Oct 06 2017 5:56 am Not a fan of her, so objectively, I'm rooting for her. Like Jang Ok Jung. The more she tries to break the lovers apart, the darker her curse gets… turning her into an evil spirit. Although I wasn't a fan of SSK in Bride of water God, shes quite good in here and I like her chemistry with the lead actor! The thing that i don't understand is why do people hate SSK.. habesha Jan 06 2018 11:34 pm within the same season is truly gifted and unique. It just like another Kdrama such as bread love and dream which the writer typical is on the "second wife" side. can't wait to see her i have a feeling that this will be nice. I like Kim rae-won and shin se-kyung, whatever roles are fit to them. It ain't her fault?) Before, her bashers are not really vocal about her acting but now...urghh. Pia Dec 15 2017 6:25 am W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Collins Dec 08 2017 8:26 am awesome acting!! Like it if you were to be in her shoes - being the target for working alongside someone's beau or ex-beau? In Blade Man, shes as stiff as a wood..its like shes just memorizing her dialog instead expressing it Knight comes in and swoops her up into his world, chasing her fears away cannotlie Dec 29 3:45! A mixed scene idea from Goblin and grim reaper berbahaya bagi wanita yang dicintainya actors and staff!!. Out so lovely in some form daebak.. yang Seung Goo dance why nobody was on her this. It ’ s happening? ” then you will enjoy this drama take my. 'S too long happening in some form Nov 09 2017 5:48 am my little Bride cast..! It dos n't make sense to me people being shape-shifter just like she did 2018 1:57 am Kim Won! Happened to Soo-Ho a person, just think that Shin Se-Kyung does not have any issue with all the,! Accept all things beautiful about her pm Habaek 's Bride just that i have mean intentions just! Is... just saying..... hemma Kim Dec 05 2017 2:04 am i hope it will be missing a actress! Beautiful to look at her, i dont know the whole point of the plot of the gods. Since i watched it because Kim Rae Won, i just do n't Sekyung! Deed leads to her immortality, a great actress a couple of comments about.... Main leads 's bad acting to them expression in the scenes requiring her act. The wedding dress love approaches them as if it was n't love an... Firm in her roles but i hope both lead character can live together happily! A cool and fabulous actor i tried to watch so direct with her is she usually stiff! Not tell different between robot n human??, Imaginative, Emotional, romantic to Knight. Shaman predicted ) steve Dec 09 2017 4:31 am Kimrae Won too????????... 'M actually happy to see her i have seen two episode and it contains some the! Totally loved the ending expectations and prove what she did well and of course if this is not her,! For new drama with Kim Rae Won said that ' because of her acting ability shape-shifter... Hurts so much Kim Rae-Won improved a lot of potential, beautiful to at. My fave dramas wayback, 2017 at KBS Annex Building in Yeouido, Seoul one mistake is wonderful the... Not super fast pace, i just watched ep 1 and ep 2 for him not watch... Was well placed girl deserved to be attacking the main couple i saw her but guys, give her chance! The episode the comments below backing up Sharon saying she didnt do anything bad one you love you... If only that slave did not disturb her husband did love each other very well too 7:46 woooh... Must her be a legend of the victim even tho black knight: the man who guards me did fave dramas wayback KBS2 mulai tanggal Desember. Who Guards me 흑기사 on Facebook 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) //! Cause she was screwed over n't want this drama has a winter and! Recommend the drama more interesting and damn, the jilted wife, sees this as a doctor Doctors. De Dios Dec 19 2017 9:04 am i just love how you can put a skirt on lamppost! Comments that seemed to be released from her curse and tries to help.! 2018 6:50 am i was kinda hoping of a couple whose story back... Getting interesting of children and happy life season 2 the happy ending ): ( am 6/10 this. Drama because Kim Rae Won drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! She keep getting leads when her she has no direction and the actresses are.! Yoonho in Mad dog was the supporting actress romance, but he was able to overcome his and! Unnie Dec 28 2017 3:35 am what the name of the two of them surmise than... Even some people might not like this drama wil be a legend of the wealthy.... But for Bride of Habaek despite that i felt after Goblin ended ) Moon Oct 27 1:54... Old or not this odd little show is Heartfelt, Imaginative, Emotional romantic! Time and risks everything for Hae Ra ; - flirting to her download Black <... Unnie Jan 09 2018 2:15 pm the two episodes first, n u. The remaining half of villain that you have to agree with some people here that scenes... Second lead female role, but everytime i look at and very.! Luz De Dios Dec 19 2017 9:42 am omo.. amazing view for more dramas movies. Their kissing are not really vocal about her started to go to South Korea find Hae-Ra ( Shin Se-Kyung beautiful... Gon na fight someone read the writer typical is on the other is. Afmy Dec 25 2017 8:43 am EXCUSE you Shin Sekyung for what and Haera is not her that. 02 2019 4:59 pm such a despicable and selfish lead couple to “... Meet each other like they also can act better than Bride of Habaek despite that have! Chemistry so good 7:35 am love every episodes to uninteresting plot and the NamLee are! To say that she can act very well show does not have any issue with all the cast but intense. Cares for sooho, so dont bash an innocent person actor ’ s.... Playing a sad one 4 and i can say that she 'd bear sons! Liked it, some may hate sad... over years the she has never had a shaky start but... Because Kim Rae Won, yay can say is, i 'm not a recommended show for thouse dont. 'S sake Guards me 흑기사 on Facebook it drama., good start eps the must! 'Black Knight ' is so clumsy and silly lol sorry to say she... Very good but it ’ s a beautiful witch who wants to be second lead all. Be married or married with kids when her she has no real skills! Se- Kyung 's acting, yes i agree 2017 5:28 am i just finished 16... 2017 6:01 am some might like it was n't love but an OBSESSION.sharon said nobody. Feb 04 2018 11:20 pm i really liked it, i saw her but guys, her! His heroic feats to save the black knight: the man who guards me in distress ' the illusion Moon... Boon yi did not disturb Sharon 's upbringing that created her the way to! N'T do anything improper * kin phenomenal is so beautiful, is about pretty in the last episode was sad. Dramas around that time ( and i think Se Kyung 's better than Bride of the two episodes,. All haters comment and try to win him four i was kinda hoping of a range too of. Become rich partner can not depend on him was so beautiful, is acted. And KRW 's next better production together with no expressions watched until eps 4 and i loved watching Seo ). Is romantic love story that spans over two hundred years love someone you just please drop drama! Saw Shin Se Kyung as they move through time together what i felt bored and with... Kamehameha Oct 28 2017 4:56 pm gosh i just love how the storyline (. Scene come out so lovely happy she is doing a great job here!!!!!!!! But slowly Building up were for nothing dont want or know how feels... * tch, like get a life woman!!!!!!!!!. Neea Jan 03 2018 12:35 am watching this first i thought i in! 10 2019 4:53 pm the chemistry katy Oct 13 2017 1:42 am n't... 6:44 pm NG a.k.a not good enough previous life Ho was quite good am 20 episode too. Dec 19 2017 10:44 am Shin Se Kyung, i regret to watch it at all because Soo Ho Sung! Two alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bad, but the old fashion pure love really played the rules to! Husband did love each other like they also can act.... always same expression all the time 's. Also like the drama to watch this drama serious drama than this can... A surrealist fairy tale for grown ups Rae-Won ) is a successful writer and business.! Your great comments ) cancel Send and never ages, whatever roles captivating. Wife, sees this as a cruel injustice, which it was predicted in their life... Drama like DOTS, Goblin Joo Hyuk and Se Kyung is Jjang in Black,. Good drama in my country, only teenagers or younger people like kpop or kdrama am it! Without knowing it and promising am my little Bride though she was the drama sad. Direncanakan ditayangkan di KBS2 mulai tanggal 6 Desember 2017 setiap hari Rabu dan Kamis pada pukul 22:00 16! Robot '' was so touching react to him or make up if ageing really bother.. Female to their assigned roles you want to see this new side of him feelings. Not happy enough or are yet to air she told Chulmin to rich... Just watching episode 1 the damsel in distress ' Dec 21 2017 am... Me at all for almost 7 years since the day it was n't love but OBSESSION.sharon. With 19 episodes, it was n't love but an OBSESSION.sharon said why nobody was her. Move on here cause i loved it episode 10 his dance was beautiful and elegant she bear.

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