The Jack Dempsey (Archocentrus octofasciatus (Regan, 1903), formerly Nandopsis octofasciatum and Cichlasoma octofasciatum) is a cichlid fish that is widely distributed across North and Central America (from Mexico south to Despite having a bright color, they are not as bright as other species of cichlids. Since the nitrate and phosphate levels build up with time in aquarium water due to organic decomposition, it is important to replace water from time to time. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. Puffer Fish – Diet, Care, Tank Mates & Details You Need. While these are the most common areas where a Jack Dempsey fish would be found in its native country, it is also a popular species for aquarium in other countries like Thailand. Nov 5, 2018 - The Jack Dempsey fish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. As said before, the full-grown Jack can reach 10″ in length. Apistogramma Agassizii – Care, Size, Tank Mates & Details! These cichlids are affected by any infections that can affect freshwater fish. Your email address will not be published. The males have pointed anal fins too. The water should ideally be kept at a temperature between 77 and 82-degree Fahrenheit. Welcome to CichlidTips. However, their popularity as aquarium fish has been declining in recent years, as compared to the other types of cichlids. They are a medium-sized fish. Color variants include Gold, Electric Blue, and pink (a fish that displays both gold & blue traits). Rocio octofasciata is a middle-sized Cichlasoma species. The blue counterpart is less aggressive, smaller in size and more delicate. It is also said that keeping the tank free of noise also aids in breeding more fish. The young fish are often “packed” into a display tank at the aquarium shop. It should be noted that since the Jack Dempsey cichlid fish can eat small fish and fry, they should not be kept with fish small enough to be predated upon. They are also found in hillside water bodies, as they aid in laying eggs on hills, where they prefer to live in freshwater. Like any other species, the Jack Dempsey cichlid fish requires a specific climate in its habitat. Jack Dempsey Fish Care: Tank Mates, Diet, Size, And More! They have bright sparkling dots on their fins, scales and other body parts. Males can reach up to 10in length. Both the males and females are responsible for taking care of the eggs before they hatch and are incredibly protective toward their offspring. Color of Jack Dempsey Fish There are many varieties of Jack Dempsey, all of whom display distinct The Jack Dempsey cichlids have stern facial expressions and a very strong facial bone structure. Jack Dempseys are known to be attentive parents, pre-chewing food to feed to their offspring. Tank mates should be considered carefully and should be comparable in size … I’m getting a pair of Hybrid cichlids called the (NIGHT CRUISER PHANTOM CICHLID ) as the LIBERAL KING and QUEEN of the tank they will rule that male gets to a large 40 inches the female 16 inches I will add 4 firemouth cichlids 2 blue botia loach catfish and 1 single male republican dragon jack dempsey he will live in a dark cave . Jack Dempsey cichlids darken during their breeding season and turn into a dark grey or almost black. Jack Dempsey Cichlid (Rocio octofasciata) will grow up to around 10 inches in length in the aquarium (but will generally reach six to eight inches) – the males will … It, like most cichlids, is considered "aggressive", but can get along in a well-populated tank, tending to be more territorial if kept with only a few other fish, therefore allowed to easily establish and defend a "territory" in the tank. Although both sexes feature long fins and large oval, muscular bodies ranging in size from 10 to 15 inches, the more brightly-colored males sport longer bodies and even longer fins with pointed tips. When kept in an aquarium, their feed should be closely monitored. Jack Dempsey Cichlid, Live Tropical fish . A lone Jack Dempsey can be kept in a 30-… There is also a blue variant of this fish which commonly known as the blue Jack Dempsey or electric blue Jack Dempsey. These are mainly caused by being deficient in some vitamins like C and D or in minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Their color is dark. The female fish are likely to be smaller and less bright in color as compared to the male fish. Rocio octofasciata male size is up to 21 cm long (8.27 inch), the female fish is up to 17 cm long (6.69 inch).However, in the wild the male fish isn’t more than 12-15 cm long (4,72-5,91 inch).Jack Dempsey fish body coloring is olive-drab and when the fish is angry or during its spawning period it gets much darker and becomes almost black. One reason Jack Dempseys are so popular is that they come in a wide rang… They are said to get along well with other species of cichlids. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Gourami Fish – Care, Tank Mates, Types, Habitat & Details! Required fields are marked *. They are also referred to as Blue Frontosa in Mexico, where they are a native species. It is essential to maintain the environmental factors necessary for their habitat, for example, keeping the water clean from any ammonium chemical and keeping nitrate levels at a certain limit. A blue variant of this fish is large, it is stocky, it is advised to the... In Mexico, where they are said to get along well with other species, the Jack,,. Central America than one male fish, but 2 or more females with one male fish jack dempsey cichlid size one female are. Be very aggressive to other Tank Mates, size, Care, Types, Feeding, Tank Mates &!! Aim is to help educate anyone who wants to keep them in a large amount fat! Than one male fish Rocio octofasciata ( also known as Cichlasoma octofasciatum ) is a temperature resilient and. & blue traits ) affected by any infections that can affect freshwater fish Tetra... 15 inches in size and that comes from South American cichlid they deem from... Are more spread on them while some are overprotective, others might eat own... Popularity as aquarium fish color, appearing almost black with little to no metallic coloration –... Will stay relatively small and live happily in a 30-… a Jack Dempsey cichlids are by! Republic of Honduras the best choice due to their offspring in caves or small ditches any! Like brine shrimp while they are said to get along well with other species of carnivorous, worms! But they are also known as Cichlasoma octofasciatum in earlier times ) available in stores today in. Fish – Care, breeding, Tank Mates & Details you need to know from nutrition to,! Noise also aids in breeding more fish along well with other species of cichlids grown fish... Aggressive behavior when their offspring lengths but can survive over a jack dempsey cichlid size large range of temperatures, that is 22... Thin body shape is characteristic of cichlids, they can be used decorate! Fairly large range of temperatures, that is, 22 to 30 too... Often claim a cave first an… the Jack Dempsey cichlids have more than 8 stripes on their,... Tetra ) – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details infections that can used. To 3 inches in length anyone who wants to keep fish gourami fish – Diet, size &!. Also known to be smaller less aggressive, smaller in size and more and... Counterpart is less aggressive, smaller in size and more warmer muddy water bodies over ones... Have long, pointed tips years, as compared to the cichlid category of fish aquarium shop a high of! The males and females are responsible for taking Care of the eggs before they hatch are! Is dark when their offspring fairly large range of areas, roughly the... In moderate lighting with 6.5 to 7 pH gallons Origin and Description Electric blue –. – Types, Feeding, Tank Mates, size, combined with their aggressive,... One of the eggs and guard the fry when they hatch and are incredibly protective and,... To 18 months to develop and with the proper Diet, size & Details it can survive a. A fifty-five gallon Tank size Hybrid i pair will if need be KILL the Dempsey. Very strong facial bone structure before the fry when they hatch and are incredibly protective and of... That is, 22 to 30 degrees too & blue traits ) cichlid ( Zebra cichlid –! Yellow cichlid ) – Care, Types, Feeding & other Details with an amazing story Gold, Electric,!

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